The Art of Joseph Shearer 1970-2005
Around Auld Ayr

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Ayr and the Castle

Ayr Townhead

Ayr and St John's

Tam o' Shanter Inn
In 1800

Tam o' Shanter Inn 1878
Ayr Auld Brig

Back o' The Isle

The Little Quay
In The 1670's

The Market Cross
In 1600

New Bridge Street
In 1790

High St And Sandgate
In The 1590's

The Seaport
In The Cromwell Era

West Of The Bridge
About 1690

Sheriff's Brewhouse
In The 1590s

Cromwell's Citadel
In The 1650's

The Great Tenement
In 1620

The Auld Tower
In The 1650's

The Auld Tower
In The 1780's

Tam o' Shanter
Inn In 1780

and the Tolbooth 1617